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30 Nov 2019

The Triple Staple

The Triple Staple When reading, I prefer paper to electronic media. Unfortunately, a lot of my reading involves manuscripts from...

20 Oct 2019

Numpy Gems, Part 2

PRNGs Trying out something new here with a Jupyter notebook blog post. We’ll keep this short. Let’s see how it...

18 Aug 2019

Making Lavender

Making Lavender I’ve tried using Personal Capital and Mint to monitor my spending, but I wasn’t happy with what those...

19 Jan 2019

Numpy Gems, Part 1

Numpy Gems 1: Approximate Dictionary Encoding and Fast Python Mapping Welcome to the first installment of Numpy Gems, a deep...

23 Dec 2017

Beating TensorFlow Training in-VRAM

Beating TensorFlow Training in-VRAM In this post, I’d like to introduce a technique that I’ve found helps accelerate mini-batch SGD...

25 May 2017

Jupyter Tricks

Jupyter Tricks Here’s a list of my top-used Juypter tricks, and what they do. UI I find the UI to...