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22 Feb 2020

Graph Coloring for Machine Learning

Graph Coloring for Machine Learning This month, I posted a blog entry on Sisu’s engineering blog post. I discuss an...

05 Jan 2020

Stop Anytime Multiplicative Weights

Stop Anytime Multiplicative Weights Multiplicative weights is a simple, randomized algorithm for picking an option among \(n\) choices against an...

11 Sep 2019

Compressed Sensing and Subgaussians

Compressed Sensing and Subgaussians Candes and Tao came up with a broad characterization of compressed sensing solutions a while ago....

22 Dec 2018

Subgaussian Concentration

Subgaussian Concentration This is a quick write-up of a brief conversation I had with Nilesh Tripuraneni and Aditya Guntuboyina a...

23 Dec 2017

Beating TensorFlow Training in-VRAM

Beating TensorFlow Training in-VRAM In this post, I’d like to introduce a technique that I’ve found helps accelerate mini-batch SGD...

20 Jun 2017

Non-convex First Order Methods

Non-convex First Order Methods This is a high-level overview of the methods for first order local improvement optimization methods for...

19 Jun 2017

Neural Network Optimization Methods

Neural Network Optimization Methods The goal of this post and its related sub-posts is to explore at a high level...

23 May 2017

My Princeton Senior Thesis

My Princeton Senior Thesis Submitted to the university as part of completion of Computer Science BSE degree June 2017 Completed...

03 Nov 2016

My Princeton Junior Year Research

My Princeton Junior Year Research Unpublished Submitted to the university as part of completion of Computer Science BSE degree January...

17 Jul 2016

Ad Click Prediction

Ad Click Prediction: a View from the Trenches Published August 2013 Paper link Abstract Introduction Brief System Overview Problem Statement...