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23 Jun 2019

BERT, Part 3: BERT

BERT In the last two posts, we reviewed Deep Learning and The Transformer. Now we can discuss an interesting advance...

22 Jun 2019

BERT, Part 2: The Transformer

BERT Prerequisite 2: The Transformer In the last post, we took a look at deep learning from a very high...

09 Mar 2019

BERT, Part 1: Deep Learning Intro

A Modeling Introduction to Deep Learning In this post, I’d like to introduce you to some basic concepts of deep...

09 Jul 2017

Deep Learning Learning

Deep Learning Learning Plan This is my plan to on-board myself with recent deep learning practice (as of the publishing...

20 Jun 2017

Non-convex First Order Methods

Non-convex First Order Methods This is a high-level overview of the methods for first order local improvement optimization methods for...

19 Jun 2017

Neural Network Optimization Methods

Neural Network Optimization Methods The goal of this post and its related sub-posts is to explore at a high level...